Logo & Branding

We start by doing our homework. We research, listen, read and study - both your company and your competition - to learn about our client's value proposition and competitive positioning.

Brainstorming is the heart of any creative process. After all the analyzing and research, we compile and write out the ideas that we learned from the previous steps. From there, we determine which artistic direction to take your brand. We perform careful color analysis because it's one of the most powerful tools when creating a brand. Color evokes emotion, and subsequently, recognition.

Then, we begin the actual design process for your logo. Rather than taking a shotgun approach and creating a multitude of directions, Interac will focus on the best solution based on our research and the information provided by you. Like color, an icon or font can evoke a certain, sometimes unexplainable, reaction or emotion.

Generally, the actual balance of all the elements involved with the logo design is what can resonate and become memorable with the brand's audience. Our customers not only see the results of the logo design, we explain to them how we arrived there.