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Digital Marketing & SEO Training In Kochi

Marketing of any product or service using digital technologies mainly on the internet is called Digital Marketing. We NewwayTechnologies & Communications offers the best Digital Marketing & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) training in Kochi. We offer this Digital Marketing & SEO training program as a certification course. We have designed this course for people who want to enhance the growth of their business for better revenue and for those who aspire a successful career like students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and career aspirants. To succeed in the digital marketing industry people should have a good knowledge base and hands-on experience in the key aspects of digital marketing, so we have designed our certification course covering all the complex of digital marketing & SEO with practical assessments, case studies, video tutorials, and discussion sessions. Digital marketing is dominating the traditional marketing techniques and transforming every possible business model to the digital platforms so the scope and job opportunities in this sector are increasing tremendously. All the internet ads you see, the paid and organic online content you read, the visual content you watch, and the online campaigns you are interacting are designed & executed by a digital marketer as part of promoting a brand or business. So in this internet era, every single company does require the service of a digital marketer, and by taking a certificate course in digital marketing from NewwayTech, the leading Digital Marketing & SEO training center in Kochi will help you to get placed in good companies.  We conduct long-term and short-term digital marketing & SEO training as well as social media marketing training programs for students and professionals. We also have a customized digital marketing training program where students can select course modules. We assist our students in creating resumes, applying for jobs, preparing for interviews, and the overall job securing process. Selected students can get an opportunity to do their digital marketing internship with us and work with us after course completion. 

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    (Covers 22 Modules)