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Grow Your Retail Business with a Perfect eCommerce Website

eCommerce or eBusiness means the marketing and sales of products and services through an electronic medium. eCommerce is also inclusive of data & money transfer between the engaging parties, or in other way we can define eCommerce as the activity of buying or selling of commodities through electronic platforms over the Internet. Normally we call eCommerce as online business or online shopping. The most important requirement for eCommerce Business is having a perfect eCommerce Website. NewwayTech is one of the top-notch eCommerce Website Developers in Kochi, and we can make competitive ecommerce websites for your retail business.


E-commerce websites bring more convenience for customers while they are shopping products online, as they can do the product research online, compare the products online and buy products online which will be delivered to their door steps with in no time. eCommerce websites let customers buy a wider range and variety of products which are probably not sold in their nearby retail shops. On the other hand, eCommerce website is truly a blessing for the vendors as they can expand their market and reach customers with out any boundaries, even a physical store is not required for running an eCommerce store.

There are major differences in the features of eCommerce websites comparing with ordinary business websites. A professional business website is the brand identity of the business, projecting their products and services, providing detailed information regarding their offerings, and customers are required to connect with the company through their contact forms or given contact details for buying products/services, whereas an eCommerce website lets the customer purchase items, arrange their door delivery, make their payment etc within the same website.

How eCommerce Websites Complement Your Business & Boost Your Sales

Top-notch eCommerce Website Developers in Kochi

Going Global

eCommerce websites let you grow beyond your boundaries; it is the best way to expand your customer reach regardless of your business size. You can sell & buy products to any geographical area and acquire new customers. If you structure & market properly millions of people across the web can reach out to your eCommerce website aka online webstore very easily.

Low Maintenance

An eCommerce website functions much like a physical store with out any human interactions, it is completely technology driven, so you can save on staff, save on rents, save on other physical requirements like inventory management, electricity, infrastructure, etc so that itself will reduce the cost of maintenance to a great extent.

Better Targetting & Marketing

It is easy to incorporate marketing activities, retargetting techniques and customer retention programs in eCommerce websites as you can track & analyse buying habits of your customers. These marketing techniques work alongside your website and gain more visibility for your website on search engines.

No ‘Lockdown’ For Your Business

Having an eCommerce website is the best way to be online 24/7 /365 days. eCommerce websites have a high probability of getting a business any time no matter whether it is public holidays or lockdown period, because the automated system can facilitate your customer needs and do business without any human interactions.

Analytical Support

An eCommerce website can offer complete analytical data for your business-like insight about sales & revenue, marketing campaign data, number of customers visiting your website, customer engagement statistics, etc. And, these analytics can help you to improve more of your niche.

Time to Expand Your Business

Scalable, Secured & Feature-rich eCommerce Websites from the Best eCommerce Website Developers in Kochi, Kerala

It is not about having a fancy website for your business, especially when it is about having an online store, your website should be scalable, secured, easy to navigate & well organized. We at NewwayTech, with a team of professionally qualified website developers can make a strong digital presence for your retail business by creating a competitive eCommerce website where you can sell your products to any part of the world.

Features of our eCommerce Websites

  • Professional & User-friendly eCommerce Web Design
  • Well Organized & Search Engine Friendly Product Catalogue
  • Fast Loading Pages
  • Integration of Secure Payment Options
  • User-friendly Navigations
  • Comprehensive Product Search/Filter Option
  • Responsive & Mobile-friendliness
  • Multi-level Data Security for Your Website

If you are planning to have an eCommerce website for your retail business or you are already having an eCommerce website which needs to be revamped ‘Newway Tech, the eCommerce website developers in Kochi’ can help you. Not every business and their requirements are the same, so we develop your eCommerce website strategy after analyzing your product catalogue, business industry, market competition, workflow, audience behavior etc. We provide custom designs along with extensive features to promote your online business to the next level. We have rich industry experience in developing professional websites, eCommerce websites & mobile applications.

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