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Software Outsourcing Company in Kerala

Newway Technologies & Communications aka NewwayTech is a leading IT company, mainly focused on Digital Marketing, Website Development & we are one of the leading software outsourcing company in Kerala, India. Newway is an associate company of a Gulf-based Digital Marketing & Website Development company InteracOman, that started operations in 1999 with a vision to provide cutting edge technology solutions to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Having gained a substantial amount of experience within the online business environment, we chose to focus on developing high-end web and mobile solutions and implementing efficient web marketing strategies at affordable prices. We have a deep understanding in the software industry and we provide realistic software solutions to our clients world wide. Being one of the best software outsourcing companies in Kerala, We implement best industry practices in designing, developing, executing testing, implementing and delivering software products to our clients. Our team of software developers are working efficiently to deliver unique software products and solutions to various companies, organizations and agencies across the globe.

What is software outsourcing?

Software outsourcing is a successful business practice in which the process of software product development is handed over to a third-party technology provider from a company/organization. According to the latest statistics, more than 60% of the total outsourcing market comprises the IT industry. As a leading IT outsourcing company in Kerala, we are collaborating with many multinational companies across the globe.

Why Software outsourcing considered as a viable business practice?

  • Companies can significantly reduce development costs by opting software outsourcing.
  • Companies can focus more on the other complex internal operations as well as the business development process.
  • Flexibility is another reason why companies are choosing software outsourcing, they can hire software outsourcing companies on contract periods, or only when they need
  • Software outsourcing is a time-saving option for companies having multi- projects

Three Different Models of Software Outsourcing

There are 3 different ways in outsourcing projects to third-party companies, based on where they reside, On-shore, Off-shore and Near-shore.
On-shore Outsourcing
In On-shore software outsourcing, outsourcing company and partnering company (Third-party company) are located in the same country. The main advantage of on-shore outsourcing is effective communication and also both the teams must be in the same time zone.
Off-shore Outsourcing
In off-shore outsourcing, third-party companies reside in other countries. This is suitable for companies located in expensive countries like US, UK, Japan etc, by off-shore outsourcing those companies can typically reduce their operational cost
Near-shore Outsourcing

Near-shore outsourcing companies located in the neighbouring countries.

Why choose Newway Technologies & Communications as your software outsourcing company?

We have been in the IT industry for the past 20 years and our experienced team of professionals can handle your projects and deliver viable software solutions. We assist every single process involved in the development circle with utmost care, and we have a dedicated team to provide support and assistance even after project delivery. Being one of the promising software outsourcing company in Kerala, we can ensure a perfect balance between affordability and quality. Hiring and maintaining a team of software professionals might be an expensive affair for companies but hiring a software outsourcing company like us, on contract periods can be more economically feasible and it can reduce operational cost and increase your profit. We can successfully carry out all the activities associated with the software development process and the inhouse need not be bothered about it. We keep on evaluating our professional expertise and adapt to technological advancement inorder to offer the best possible service for our clients worldwide. Most common types of software outsourcing services include web and mobile application development, and we have hands-on experience in delivering 1000+ similar projects so far. We are highly recommending our software outsourcing service to the companies/organizations and other digital agencies who are looking for sustainable and unique software solutions at affordable prices.

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