Digital Marketing Services For Interior Designers In Kochi

Why Digital Marketing is Important For Interior Designers

Digital Marketing has become taboo for Interior Designers, and they feel like they cannot exploit these strategies for their benefit. Due to the competition and market saturation it is very important for interior designers to do professional digital marketing to reach their target audience with in the time frame. There are many professional marketing firms offering digital marketing services for interior designers, in Kochi & Kerala, and we are one of the leading company among them.

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business. As an interior designer, you can have a lot of skill and experience under your belt. Still, without proper marketing and promotion, you can’t reach the perfect audience to showcase your talent and turn them into potential clients. Proper marketing strategies present your work to the right target audience and provide you with a platform to conduct productive business. Additionally, as there is a lot of competition in the industry, marketing strategies are the best way to stay above your competition and grab and retain clients in the modern market.

Traditional marketing Tactics for Interior Designers

Before digitizing all industries and business tactics, marketing was an analog concept that involved banners, posters, and advertisements. The promotion was conducted through work created and the word of people depending on the quality of work. The traditional techniques of marketing were useful to some extent but had a localized reach and restricted access.

Additionally, all the traditional marketing techniques were not cost-efficient and took a lot of time to provide near-desirable outcomes for any business, including interior designing. With the increase in market competition and development of numerous interior designing firms in a particular area, it was impossible for an interior designer to properly present their work and attract the necessary clients to sustain a business.

Enter Digital Marketing

With the rise of digitalization in every industry, most firms developed websites and expanded their business beyond their local area. Incorporating digital marketing into your presentation and business strategies not only increases your conversions but allows you to reach a larger pool of audience available on the internet. Additionally, digital marketing is more cost-efficient than traditional marketing techniques and provides a better return on investment and sales opportunities.

Here are some of the digital marketing strategies you can look into as an Interior Designer:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media offers you a large audience pool with many potential customers. Advertising and marketing your business intents on social media can boost your business more than any traditional marketing technique. For creative exploitation, Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms available online, and it is free. With an estimated 320 million monthly users, Pinterest is a huge inspiration for artists and designers and can be an excellent interior designer platform. More than 85% of women on Pinterest use it to plan their life moments, and 43% of them plan to get their perfect home ideas from Pinterest. This is a considerable number of potential customers that you could route to your website.

Google Ads

Incorporating Google Ad campaigns in your digital marketing strategy for interior designers hold several essential goals. Some of the main objectives for Google ad campaigns are:

  • Increase awareness and reach the right people looking for services
  • Design a unique landing page to bring in desired results.
  • Generate more leads

Video Showcase

More than 80% of all traffic on the internet will be videos by 2021. If you are not producing videos, then your content and design ideas have minimal outreach. When you are making a video, it does not have to be perfect to be presentable. This will also help you realize that publishing a video does not always associate with a high budget. Regardless of the quality, videos perform exceptionally well in storytelling. So, when utilizing a video as a marketing tool, choose your story and tell it well.

Influencer Marketing

The market for influencer marketing is growing and is predicted to value up to $15 billion by 2022. Although not all people prefer this form of marketing, it is a trend that is here to stay.

There are influencers on all occasions, and there are influencers available to perfect your interior design goals. Take time to identify and scrutinize influencers and ensure that their followers are the ones you want as a target audience. Last but not least, check their credibility and engagements and partner with them authentically.


All businesses must change their marketing tactics and upgrade to better techniques to stay above the competition. Digital Marketing is a promising aspect in the digital era and is the best way to attract customers and retain them to your business. The critical thing to do is research each possibility with sufficient time and implement them with proper knowledge, time, and dedication. Interior Designers will definitely get good benefit out of digital marketing if they implement it in a proper way. We Newway Techchnologies and communications is a leading digital marketing company in Kochi, providing professional digital marketing services for Interior designers in kochi, Kerala.