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The most important step in building your online presence is building strong social media platforms where you can market your product and connect with your audience. NewwayTech, a leading Social Media Marketing company in Kochi offers a full range of social media marketing services including Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Marketing etc. We have a team of social media marketing experts and social media marketing managers working for implementing successful social media marketing campaigns for our clients, our team of designers and content creators design & deliver quality visual & textual content for our clients on a regular basis. You need consistent efforts in conquering competition in the social media sector, and being a top social media marketing company in Kochi with hands-on experience in social media optimization and social media marketing we can reliable & effective social media solutions.


Why Social Media Marketing?

Social Media has the highest online population and it is growing day by day. Social media has completely changed the way how we live our life, it is everywhere and influencing the business sector as well. Businesses can make use of social media platforms to build their brand, to connect with their customers, to market their products, to increase their sales, to drive organic & paid traffic to their website and what not! Social media marketing focuses on sharing quality content to engage & educate the users, regarding your product and services. Social media marketing becomes the core digital marketing strategy because of its popularity and reach.

How Social Media Marketing Can Influence Your Business

Social Media Marketing Company in Kochi offers Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages

Increase Brand Recognition & Reach

According to a recent survey social media has around 3.8 billion active users, that means any business can easily build a good number of audience base in social media with consistent efforts.

Improve Your SEO Rankings

Social media can influence on your SEO rankings.  The domain authority score of your website will increases with the social media shares, thus it helps in increasing your SERP rankings.

Increase Website Traffic

Social media platforms can contribute towards your organic website traffic. Powerful social media marketing tactics will encourage your audience to go through your lead funnel and land on your website where you displayed your product catalogue.

More Credibility

Social media platforms offers a better environment for businesses to connect with their customers, day to day interactions & engagements build trust with customers and develop a loyal fan base.

Boost Your Sales

Social media platforms becomes a crucial part of your sales funnel, through which your social media audience becomes your prospects and customers. Also, social media platforms offer many opportunities to run paid and organic marketing campaigns.

“97% of Marketers are Using Social Media for Business Promotions”

We Follow these 7 steps in Building a Successful Social Media Marketing Plan


Before we plan and implement social media strategies for your business, we take a quick look at your current social media status like which all are your active social media platforms, whether you need a complete revamp on your account, Identifies your weak points on social platforms etc

Better understanding of your target audience helps in strategies custom social media marketing activities.

All digital marketing activities including social media marketing focused on goals or objective, that leads you to your future actions without a fail.

We will identify measurable metrics like total audience reach, total number of sales, conversion rate, engagement rate etc to evaluate the effectiveness of the social media activities & campaigns.

Engaging content plays a crucial role in the success of social media plan. Our expert team of content creators creates your business specific relevant and engaging content for the target audience. Content could be anything like Images, Videos, Podcasts, Blogs, eBooks, Interviews, Infographics etc but it must be worth and useful for the audience.

We plan & execute successful social media campaigns on regular intervals to make sure that the business is gaining enough reach and conversions.

We used to track and optimize our social media marketing activities from the initial stage itself. Being the top-rated social media marketing company in Kochi, we understand that this is the most important step in the social media marketing plan.

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A successful social media marketing company like us can deliver social media success for your business with our strategic approach. Our custom in-depth social media marketing tactics can help you win the market competition.

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